YOGA DOME – Experience a
unique domed room with a good karma design

Are you dreaming of a perfect place which radiates both tranquility and strength? Thanks to their unique domed shape, our yoga domes provide an atmosphere which is relaxed and inspiring in equal amounts.

Due to their natural form and geometric rhythm, our domes fit perfectly in any environment and create a visual highlight. The spherical surface is divided into flat wooden triangles, which in turn are combined into pentagons and hexagons – the so-called good karma design. The aesthetic domed form therefore feels comfortable and inviting. Your exciting, harmonic structure offers space for development.

Experience this domed dream and feel at home.

Enjoy breathtaking views – not just during aerial yoga.
The weightless, almost playful architecture conveys a feeling as light as air and provides space for anyone who wants to leave gravity behind them.

The special design of our yoga domes according to the principle of structural glazing (glass facades with no visible structural framework) doesn’t just ensure optimal lighting but also allows for the best possible use of solar energy as well as providing views of the sky in all directions.

The self-cleaning glass is protected by its nano-coating, drawing inspiration from lotus leaves.


Puristic interior
A separate, integrated entrance area provides enough space to store yoga mats and equipment so the puristic interior and natural spatial structure of the yoga domes aren’t disturbed.

Shoes and mobile phones can also be put away here ;-)

Train and relax in any weather
Yoga domes can be used all year round. The domed shape corresponds to the arched course of the sun, meaning the interior is warmed evenly in autumn and winter, whilst top and side windows allow optimal ventilation in summer.

This means air can freely circulate inside without building up in corners. This makes sure there is uniform temperature distribution and provides a pleasant atmosphere for humans and plants all year round.

Plan your personal yoga dome with us
Whether for personal or commercial use: yoga domes provide outstanding solutions according to your individual needs.

Yoga domes are available in various sizes as the special design can be adapted for both larger and smaller domed structures. This means we can achieve your private domed dream from 10 m² and for business use from 30 m².

We will develop a suitable concept
together with you, responding to all your needs.

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